Cuckoo Trail

The Cuckoo Trail, East Sussex, is a safe route for cycling and walking for the seasoned enthusiast or for leisurely excursions for all ages.

This scenic trail follows the former ‘Cuckoo Line’ railway track and stretches from Heathfield to Polegate, East Sussex. It passes through Horam, Hailsham and Polegate.

Supporting the Cuckoo Trail is vital for the local community who use it for work travel and pleasure and for tourists who visit the area.   As a 14 mile long stretch of path it is described as one of the top ten “traffic free” routes in the UK and must be protected and enhanced.  It is important that with the increased development occurring in Wealden, particularly in the Hailsham area, that the natural beauty and accessibility onto the trail are protected.  There are no similar traffic free options between Polegate and Heathfiield and it has a north south route directly into Hailsham town centre.  If you would like to support the Cuckoo Trail you can go to the online petition “ Enhancing the Cuckoo Trail”  to make your opinion count.

In Summary here are the key design requirements for the future:
• Install lighting for early evening and morning.
• Priority change in favour of the Trail where it crosses small country lanes.
• Connect new housing estates to the Trail with traffic free routes.
• Widen the path when usage increases.
• More cycle parking on the route.
• Use local parks as new routes where possible
• Extend the Trail into Eastbourne.

More information about the Cuckoo Trail can be found on East Sussex County Council’s Website

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