Grant Opportunity

Hailsham Active are keen to add new facilities for the community (not just sports), and an opportunity has arisen to upgrade the pavilion/clubhouse at Hellingly Sports Club (Horsebridge rec).  There are a number of improvements we want to do, including replace the roof and insulate the upstairs fit fire escapes for the upstairs (to create a warm and fairly large room for clubs/functions) opening up the downstairs function room to accommodate more people/more open space.  This should allow a good range of activities, from regular meetings, to potentially ‘activities’ for a variety of clubs/associations or even family functions.
We are also looking at the opportunity of opening a youth club on a Friday night, probably starting in the spring.  We would intend to keep this low cost for any participants/clubs using the facility, we are non profit making organisation, run by voluteers.
If you think this may be useful in the future, please can you confirm this to us by email (stating your position/club etc) all this information will help us in our bid for grants.
Any successful application information will be shared for the benefit of all clubs/associations in the future.

Many thanks for your support, and look forward to hearing from you.

Steve Wennington

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